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Cowboys Face Rivals on Draft Day

It's hard enough living in the NFL's toughest division.  It appears, that the Cowboys will have a lot more draft day competition as well.  More teams are making the switch to the 3-4 this offseason, meaning the mid-round OLB/DE "tweeners" whom a handful of long-time 34 teams like Pittsburgh and San Diego would review, will now be evaluated by a dozen or so teams. 

And if that's not enough, look at this report from Miami, which lays out the Dolphins wish list this April -- nose tackle, center, outside linebacker, secondary, fullback...

Where have we seen those positions before?  If there is one minor consolation from the 9-7 season its picking ahead of the Dolphins.  I'm sure there will be much overlap between the Cowboys and Dolphins draft boards, and I'm wondering if the teams will try to leapfrog each other for players like Ron Brace and Jonathan Luigs, who are mentioned in the linked story?

Ah, just when you thought the Tuna was out, he pulls you back in.

A 2nd Should Do It -- This Miami Herald piece says the Dolphins would likely be scared off restricted free agent wideout Miles Austin by a 2nd round tender.   From all indications, that's where the tender will be.  And if the Dolphins are dissuaded, it's not likely another team will come in.  Miami's personnel guys know Austin better than any front office outside Valley Ranch.

If you're looking for further proof that the Cowboys' roster remains on Miami's mind, look at this piece contemplating a trade for Bobby Carpenter.


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