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Canty Still A Cowboys Priority & Other Random News

Update: (no link) lists Dallas as one team that spoke to LSU WR Demetrius Byrd at the combine.  Look at his profile -- it fits the one I outlined a few days ago.  He's in the 6'3", 200 lb. range, has speed and needs work on his route running and blocking.   That's not surprising, because he's rated as a mid-round prospect, about where the Cowboys will begin looking for wideouts.

Update II:  Add QBs Nate Davis (Ball St.) and Rudy Carpenter (Arizona St.) to the interviewees list.  Both rate as mid or late round selections.

Update III:  Here's one to raise your eyebrows:  the Cowboys have interviewed OU WR Juaquin Iglesias, who rates as a solid 2nd round pick.

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The FWST's Mac Engel writes that Dallas brass will meet with DE Chris Canty's agent this weekend in an attempt to hammer out a deal to keep Canty with the team. 

The time to act is now.   Teams drained the free agent pool by tagging fourteen players yesterday.  The talent line dropped further after late deals for Jordan Gross and Nnamdi Asomugha, two of the biggest FA targets (the Eagles and Redskins are apparently upset that Gross didn't hit the market). 

These moves move second tier players like Canty up on the free agent menu.  The Cowboys will never get better terms then they can now, even if the price will be steep.  They're rumored to like LSU DE Tyson Jackson but his draft stock may put him beyond Dallas' reach.  I've seen him go anywhere from 17 to 40 in the most recent mocks. 

-- reports that Cowboys officials spoke to Oklahoma OT Phil Loadholt.   The team will speak to dozens of players, but consider him a definite player of interest.

-- The linked story claims Jerry Jones has issued a gag order for team coaches.  That's fine.  Bill Parcells used to operate under these rules, to no apparent damage.  Reporters hate it, but so what?  If you can't report on what you see on the field, you need another job. 

The gag goes beyond Parcells.  Jimmy Johnson swore all organizational members to silence in pre-draft run ups.  He figured his ability to get his targets was compromised if coaches or scouts leaked the Cowboys' preferences to the press. 

I agree.  The Cowboys did a good job of drafting last year.  Every little step helps.  Of course, its worth remembering that the biggest font of draft knowledge through the years has been one Jerry Jones.  Got it, Jerry?  Good.

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