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Did Crazy Al Davis Just Offer Dallas a Solution to its SS Hole?

The Dallas Cowboys want a strong safety with coverage skills to upgrade Roy WilliamsAl Davis may have answered their wish.

Tonight, the Raiders cut SS Gibril Wilson, just one year after giving him a six-year, $39 million deal.  Oakland has apparently decided to keep S Michael Huff, who moved to FS in '08 to accomodate the former New York Giant.

If I'm Dallas, I've got Wilson's agent on speed dial.  The 5th year pro from Tennessee is 27, has never suffered a major injury, has averaged 108 tackles the last four seasons, and has been one of the game's best cover strong safeties in that span.  He might not have been worth $6.5 million a season, but he's worth a lot. 

He's instantly the best safety on the free agent market.  He's also a better bet than any safety in the draft.  Signing him would fill the Cowboys' biggest defensive need and let the team spend the 51st and 69th picks on offensive and defensive linemen. 

What do you say, Jerry and Stephen?  None of the other free agent prospects, Bart Scott aside, look like reasonable-cost fits for Dallas' defense.  Wilson, on the other hand, seems tailor made -- or should I say Raider made?

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