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DeMarcus Ware Says Ray Lewis is Serious

NFL sack leader DeMarcus Ware recently sat down with to discuss sacks, contracts and leadership. The interview is money, and I encourage everyone to take a look. Ware's answers verified a lot of what most of us already believe about his maturity and work ethic. The interview really got interesting when Ware was asked about his thoughts on the possibility of Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis joining the Cowboys in 2009. Ware's comments really make it seem like Ray's passion to wear the star may actually be genuine, and not just an attempt to drive up his own market value.

Here a few excerpts from the interview pertaining to Lewis:

Ware, when asked if he had been recruiting Ray Lewis at the Pro Bowl:

You know, actually, when we played Ray Lewis and Baltimore at the end of the season, he came over and pointed to my helmet. He said, "I want to wear this star on my helmet, that's my dream...that's my dream." When we got to the Pro Bowl, he came at me every day.

Ware, when asked if he believes Ray Lewis is genuine:

I think he is genuine. Believe me, he is genuine. He talked to me before he became a free agent. He talked to me two years ago about it. He calls me about once a week and talks about it then. I even said "Hey, Ray, I'm tired about talking about this." You need to find Jerry Jones' number and fly out there and talk to him.

He wanted to be a Cowboy two years ago? Two years ago? I'm starting to believe that this may really be what Ray wants unless Ware is just trying to do a friend a favor by stirring the pot. At the same time we can't be too naïve about the situation, because Ray Lewis is probably smart enough to know that Jerry Jones will most likely overpay him.

I know that I am the same guy who rattled off a thousand reasons why Ray Lewis wouldn't be a fit in Dallas, but I'm even starting to bend on this one. If he really wants to be here, and a few of our guys (Ware, Terrell Owens) have come out and said that they want him here...maybe this can work.

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