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More Cowboys Players of Interest

More that Makes Me Go Hmmmmm...

Dallas has spoken to Penn. State WR Derrick Williams and to Oklahoma WR Juaquin Iglesias the last couple of days.  It's probably just due diligence -- you have the staff in Indy, so you need to do your homework and talk to all the prospects you like -- but I find it just a bit odd that Dallas is filling dossiers on two WRs rated in the 2nd round. 

They Like You Zack, I Think They Do

The Cowboys are also looking at ILBs, including LSU's Darry Beckwith, an option in the early 3rd and Cal's Zach Follett, a mid-round prospect.  Beckwith has also drawn interest from the Patriots, 49ers, Chargers and Seahawks.  The first three run 34s like Dallas, so they must all feel that Beckwith, who lists at 232 lbs., can fill out and play inside. 

There appears less consensus on Follett.  He's been interviewed by Dallas, Green Bay, San Diego, Baltimore, Oakland, Cleveland and Cincinnati.  Every one of these teams save the Bengals, run a 34.  Follett is quoted at that some teams told him he' too small to play their 34.  Follett, who weighs 238 lbs., may indeed be too small to play outside in the scheme, but I wonder if he's being projected inside?  I read reports during Senior Bowl week that Dallas watched Follett at Mobile.  I doubt they're one of the teams telling Follett he's too small. 

-- Add San Jose State DE prospect Jarron Gilbert to the players of interest list.

-- The Cowboys have also interviewed Maryland OG Jaimie Thomas, who currently projects into the later rounds. 

How Far a Fall? 

Alabama OT prospect Andre Smith has cost himself a ton of money the last 24 hours.  The only question is how much?  Smith entered the week as a top ten prospect, possibly a top fiver.  But he missed his workouts and admitted that he was not in shape.  He compounded the error by leaving Indy early and not communicating with officials prior to departure. 

Will Smith stay in the top 10 now?  I doubt it.  Bonuses for players taken that high run in the tens of millions.  If you were running a club, would you hand that size a bonus to someone you didn't trust to work hard? 

The question remains, how far will he fall?  And how much money has Smith cost himself?

Free Agent Watch:  Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome told the press today he's optimistic about re-signing LBs Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis, Bart Scott and C Jason Brown.

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