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Cowboys Coach "Emasculated?" Like He Cares

Conventional wisdom in the Metroplex has congealed around the idea that Jerry Jones' gag order has diminished head coach Wade Phillips.  See here and here for examples.

I'm wondering how many of Wade's fellow head coaches are envious? 

The NFL requires head men to address the press, and anybody who's endured Phillips' pressers knows he does so grudgingly.  The conferences are aural soporifics.  Bill Belichick hates them too;  he would be thrilled if he could read his dry cleaning receipts at the podium for five minutes and be done.  Some will argue that he actually does this, in the guise of "talking football."

You notice Wade was "smiling" when he told the press he had been gagged?  Of course he was.  No more gotcha questions!  No more lectures from beat writers telling him they could coach better then he can.  No more questions period!  It's like telling an eight year old he no longer has to eat raw vegetables every night with dinner.  He can now go straight for the steak and dessert -- prepping the team for games and calling the plays from the sideline.

Take an anonymous poll and see how many other coaches want to be "emasculated" like Wade?  I'll bet the number will be pretty high.

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