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Decisions loom for Cowboys in free agency

Before discussing free agency, let's briefly talk combine. Yeah, I should have watched more of it but I just didn't have the time. But BTB-regular 5Blings does a terrific job of opening the discussion in this FanPost.  Go on over and check it out. You can also see all the results so far at

Now, on to free agency which officially kicks off at the end of this week. The Cowboys have a few players that they could lose in the process. While Raf commented a few days ago that the Cowboys will open discussions with DE Chris Canty's people at the combine, the odds that Canty is back in a Cowboys uniform next year don't look good.

Canty's agent, Brad Blank, said he talked briefly with the Cowboys on Saturday and has a meeting scheduled with team vice president Stephen Jones today.

"We'd like to remain in Dallas, but I don't see how it's going to work out with their number situation," Blank said.

When an agent is actually discounting the possibility of returning, you know it doesn't look good. Especially when he's basing the numbers off a ridiculous contract that the Raiders gave to a player last year. Pass.

The other guy who is unrestricted is Kevin Burnett. I want the Cowboys to bring him back but that doesn't look all that promising at the moment either.

Although the Cowboys would like to keep Burnett, they have all but accepted that he will test the free agent market, and he might not give the Cowboys a chance to match offers for him.

Burnett wants the chance for two things - to be a three-down player, and to make big money.

The Cowboys may be able to make Burnett a starter with Zach Thomas expected to leave. But it doesn't appear they can afford a big salary for him.

If we lose Burnett and Zach Thomas isn't brought back, then ILB goes from a high-priority need to a desperation need. And no, I don't think Bobby Carpenter is the answer.

Meanwhile, Jerry says we probably won't make a splash in free agency.  A lot of it has to do with the ramifications of an uncapped year in 2010.

We also need to figure out the tenders for our RFA's. For me, we should try and keep Miles Austin and Stephen Bowen, putting at least second-round tenders on them. Less important is Sam Hurd, and Cory Procter and Tony Curtis should be politely shown the door.

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