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Jerry Jones talks draft, Tony Romo and T.O.

Jerry Jones talked to the media again.

Some interesting snippets from the Grand Poobah.

He wants Zach Thomas back. 

"...we sure want them on the team," the owner said of a few unrestricted players. "Zach (Thomas), and we'd like to have Chris (Canty), and we'd like to have (Kevin) Burnett."

After all the hub-bub about Zach wanting out, then not being sure he wants out, and the Cowboys being thin at ILB, and the need to get some youth involved, or the need to get a leader like Ray Lewis or to grab his sidekick Bart Scott - it might just turn out that Bradie James and Zach Thomas are once again our starting ILB's for 2009.

Jerry was asked several questions about team chemistry, locker room issues, Wade being tough enough, Romo and Garrett's relationship and things of that nature. He was haven't any of it, claiming it wasn't an issue for the team.

Some other things he said. 

Do you need to find another quarterback, veteran or rookie?

It's a real priority for us to get where we'd like to be with our backup situation at quarterback. A real priority.

Jerry went on to say that we were lucky to win even one of the three games that Tony Romo missed last year. Sounds like a lesson learned.

What is the high priority [for the team]?

I think being as Romo-friendly as our team can be. Romo friendly means let's utilize his skills to the fullest and make sure everything we do maximizes his abilities.

Interesting comment. I think you could spin that one a few different ways or take it at face value.

You hinted last week that you plan to keep Terrell Owens. Do you?

You got my drift. And that's all I want to say about that.

Sounds like that case is almost closed. He just hasn't come out and definitively said it yet.

Are your draft priorities safety, linebacker, defensive line and backup offensive line?

Those could be special teams guys as well so I would certainly say those are positions that we would look to that could help us this year as well as be potential players for the future at those positions.

That sounds like my priorities, too.

And on a closing note, Jerry doesn't like the reference of Jerry World about the new stadium. Sorry JJ, but it fits so well. I say embrace it and slap your name right across the middle of the field.

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