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Update on NFL free agency

So far in free agency, Dallas Cowboys head-honcho Jerry Jones has been true to his word. Dallas have not been players on the first day and nothing has leaked out to suggest otherwise. Still, that has never stopped us from concocting our own theories!

So what has happened that might tangentially affect the Cowboys?

Well, Bart Scott is expected to agree to a deal with the New York Jets (5 year/ $40 million). Scott had been on the rumor mill as a possible Dallas target but that's not going to happen.

This also touches on the future of the other Ravens LB Ray Lewis. Long-rumored to be a possible target for Dallas even though Jerry has denied it in a roundabout way, Lewis has reportedly become very disenchanted with the Ravens and does not want to return to Baltimore. Adam Schefter reports that sources close to Lewis have stated that Ray will not go back to his old team. Now, if Ray is not willing to go back to Baltimore, and the Bart Scott signing takes the Jets out of the running, what are his options? Could Jerry now enter into the sweepstakes and get the ILB for a reasonable price. I have no idea and I'm just speculating but it is a situation that warrants keeping an eye on. But The National Football Post says the Ravens are still talking to Ray's agent. 

As for our own free agents, Chris Canty has a list of visits set up

Canty is scheduled to go to the Redskins Friday, Titans Saturday, Seahawks Monday, and then the 49ers if he's still unsigned.

But you can scratch the Redskins off that list now that they paid Albert Haynesworth in a big way. Still, Canty is in demand and will likely get a deal with the next few days that will take him away from Dallas.

No word yet on anything for Kevin Burnett. But Joe Berger is supposedly on his way to talk to the Tuna in Miami.

In other news:

Eugene Wilson has re-signed with the Texans.

The Browns traded Kellen Winslow to the Bucs for undisclosed draft picks.

The Ravens signed Dominique Foxworth.

Fred Taylor is signing with the Patriots.

Brian Dawkins is reportedly on the way to Denver to talk turkey with them, so says Adam Schefter.

LB Michael Boley is supposed to visit the Giants.

T.J. "Who's Your Mama" supposedly has interest in the Giants, Vikings, Eagles and Seahawks.

The Redskins dumped Shawn Springs.

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