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Cowboys made offer to Kevin Burnett, Joe Berger signs with Miami

Things have been awfully quiet on the Cowboys front in free agency. Not only are the coaches not talking, but are the players under a gag order, too?

Leave it to the agents to get a little news out there in the public space. 

Last weekend, the Cowboys made an offer to [Kevin] Burnett's agent, Ricky Lefft. Burnett, who excelled in the sub packages in 2008, is looking for a starting job. That could come with the Cowboys, considering the only inside linebackers signed for 2009 are Bradie James and Bobby Carpenter.

"It was not lucrative enough to not go into free agency," Lefft said of the Cowboys' offer. "We've got five to six teams I'm pretty confident in we will talk to."

Well, at least we took a shot. Now, you can't always believe agents so the idea of five or six teams wanting to talk about Burnett could be a smokescreen to drum up interest. But in this case I think it's real. Burnett is still young and definitely has potential if he can stay healthy and I'm sure the Cowboys would want him back if they could afford him. The question now is what kind of deal can he get out on the open market and will any team offer up a starting position.  

Backup G/C Joe Berger went back to Miami where he briefly played before and reunites with the Tuna and all the other ex-Cowboys in South Beach. I've noticed a little teeth-gnashing over this in the comments but come on everybody, this is Joe Berger we're talking about. The guy couldn't even get on the field in place of defensive tackle welcome mats Cory Procter and Montrae Holland. I'm not losing one iota of sleep over this development. My only complaint is he didn't take Procter with him.

Some quick housekeeping; we tendered ERFAs Rodney Hannah ($310,000) and Alonzo Coleman ($385,000).

Add Green Bay to the possible destinations for Chris Canty.  Canty could also be looking at the Giants. [Thanks to GD88 in the comments for the Giants link]

The Ray Lewis saga continues with the news that Ray is softening his stance about going back to Baltimore. To this point, the Cowboys have showed no interest. The whole story in Baltimore gets more intriguing with the news that Bart Scott is supposedly creating a bidding war between the Jets and the Ravens, even though everybody had reported that he was locked-up by the Jets. [Update] NFLN says Scott has reached a deal with the Jets (6-year/$48 million).

If the Cowboys were contemplating any safeties in free agency, they better get cracking. Free agent safeties are getting contracts and in a major surprise, the Broncos look like they might have landed the Eagles Brian Dawkins. S Vincent Fuller is going back to the Titans and S Chris Crocker re-upped with the Bengals.

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