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UPDATE: Cowboys acquire QB Jon Kitna, send Anthony Henry to Lions

[UPDATE] Confirmed by the Cowboys, Dallas traded CB Anthony Henry to the Lions for Jon Kitna.

From Todd Archer:

The Cowboys search for a backup quarterback has ended with a trade for Detroit's Jon Kitna but it cost them cornerback Anthony Henry.


The National Football Post and Adam Schefter are reporting that the Cowboys have traded for QB Jon Kitna from the Lions.

Adam Schefter:

The Detroit Lions have traded quarterback Jon Kitna to the Dallas Cowboys. The compensation is not available at this point.

The National Football Post: 

The Detroit Lions have just agreed to trade quarterback Jon Kitna to the Dallas Cowboys, sources close to the teams have just informed me.  As of right now, all I've heard is that the Cowboys have given up "late picks" in exchange for Kitna.

Overall Update:  Rafael here.  There are strange things afoot at the free ageny Circle K, and I wonder if more moves are on the horizon.  Note:

-- Kansas City just acquired Matt Cassell for a high 2nd rounder (34th overall).

-- The Saints, according to the National Football Post, are very interested in LaDainian Tomlinson, if he can't restructure his San Diego deal.  The Saints lost Deuce McAllister to injury and Reggie Bush is also rehabbing, and has proven he's not an every-down, between-the-tackles back.  Were New Orleans not in the NFC I wonder if Dallas would consider trading them a back for a high pick?  

Or if San Diego would be a trade partner if they flipped LT?  Does anybody think Darren Sproles can be the bell-cow back in a Norv Turner offense, and notch 300 carries a season?  He's a very talented man.  He's also a small one.

-- And let's not forget, the Cowboys have yet to fish or cut bait on Roy the Safety Williams.  I doubt they shopped him for no good reason.  He's either going to a new team for some compensation or getting cut.  

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