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Dan Reeves didn't like his office space

You know all that stuff I wrote in the article below about Dan Reeves? Forget it.

Despite already taking over some office space at Valley Ranch early this week, Dan Reeves is now heading out. The deal with Reeves and the Cowboys seemed like a done deal just awaiting official word, but fell apart on contract details Wednesday. Reeves was planning to join the Cowboys as a consultant.

Reeves was expected to help bring discipline and change a team culture that lacks accountability and is full of distractions. He was expected to report directly to owner Jerry Jones.


Rich Dalrymple:

"We had two very good days of dialogue with Dan Reeves, and both the Cowboys and Dan had an interest in working together.  By Wednesday afternoon, we were unable to reach an agreement on all  of the details of a contract, and both parties were comfortable with the fact that Dan would not be joining the organization.  Jerry (Jones) holds Dan in the highest regard as a friend and a tremendous contributor to the history of the Cowboys and the NFL."

Can we not even hire a consultant correctly?

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