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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

What's up with the ‘Boys you ask? Why, it's another playing talking to the press. This time it's RW1 and while we won't be able to hear the whole interview until a little later today, the DMN sums it up this way.

*Williams believes he's a better fit for a 4-3 scheme than a 3-4, which happens to be what the Cowboys use.

*Williams thinks the Cowboys miss the firm hand of Bill Parcells.

*He's willing to move to linebacker if that's what the Cowboys want him to do.

Well, if he wants to go to a 4-3 team, I say accommodate that request. But here's the kicker.

*Williams thinks too many Cowboys talk too much.

Really, aren't you talking, too? But at least he's talking mainly about himself...

*He believes that T.O. creates distractions by consistently being in the middle of controversies.

Oops, so much for the self-analysis. Can't wait to hear the full report and see if these bullet-point teasers really match his words.

Meanwhile, from a couple of days ago we got this report from Jason Cole at Yahoo Sports.

According to two sources here where the Pro Bowl players and coaches are staying, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has had some veteran players come to his home in recent days to discuss how the team can work out problems with Owens. Jones is hopeful he can manage the situation with Owens and repair the troubled relationship the wide receiver has with numerous teammates, including quarterback Tony Romo.

Sources say that among the issues players are having with Owens is his refusal to talk to other players on offense and acknowledge them in the huddle, in the locker room or at other team functions.

Hmm, I'd sure like to know if this is actually happening and just who the players are that Jerry is talking to. More from the 'source.'

"I really believe that Jerry is going to get the message from people that Owens just can't work there," one of the sources said. "It's just a bad, bad situation."

An article in The National Football Post has suggestions for passing the slow month of February for NFL fans. Things like research the draft or start a new Madden football league. Then there's this:

7. Read about the Cowboys

Forget reality shows (unless they concern T.O.) because MTV can't give you the action that comes out of Valley Ranch every day. If you're thinking about watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County" or "The Hills" - don't. Just Google "Dallas Cowboys" on the Internet search bar and enjoy story after story on your desktop that will last all day long. Gotta love them ‘Boys!

8. Make a rap video and post it on YouTube

Sorry, that should go under No. 7. My bad.

We know we rule and everybody else is just jealous!

The Pro Bowl is later today and the versatile Rat talks football.

QB depth needed in Big D.

Everybody in Bob Hayes' family is getting along now for the sake of his memory. 

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