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Would Anyone Like to Dance?

If you're going to dance, you have to have a partner. If you are going to trade at the NFL draft you need another team to be that partner. Who might be a dance partner for the Cowboys in this upcoming draft?

The one thing the Cowboys have an excess of this year is draft picks. A total of 11 picks with nine that can be packaged and traded for a player or higher draft picks, the two compensatory picks are off the table as they can't be traded. The Cowboys could also deal actual players drafted or next year's draft picks.

The Cleveland Browns were a disappointing team last year. They have a new head coach and a limited number of draft picks (5) in this year's draft.  Two of those selections are in the second round. Would Cleveland benefit by swapping their #36 pick overall for the Cowboy's #51, Round 4 #113, Round 5 #148 and #158, Round 6 #184 and both Round 7 picks?

If this were to happen the Cowboys would still have their Round 3 #69 and Round 4 #97 as well as their two compensatory picks added to Cleveland's # 36. Moving up to #36 would put the Cowboys in better position to grab an impact player.

The Browns would still have their first-rounder at #5 overall, and two second round picks at #50 and #51 added to the late round picks if they trade with the Cowboys.  The Browns have several needs to fill and could decide that quantity would give them the best chance at filling those needs.  Another interesting scenario to consider is that the Browns' NT Shaun Rogers wants out of Cleveland and is a native Texan. The Cowboys are looking for an experienced NT and the nine-year vet has been rumored to have been shopped around recently. This is the crazy season.

Another possible dance partner could be the New Orleans Saints. They have 4 total picks in the draft - one in the first round at #14, two in the fourth round at #112 and #114 and one in the seventh round at #205. The Cowboys are just shy of having enough draft trade points to make a play for the number #14 pick even if New Orleans was willing. Based on what New Orleans has to offer, I don't see the Saints as a trade partner this year unless they would possibly offer up some future selections. Now, if B. J. Raji somehow slipped to #14 - I could see the Cowboys trying to make a run for him if New Orleans were willing to pass on him.

The Redskins have a limited number of picks this year, but with their recent signings and being a division rival, I can't imagine we would be willing to work a deal that might benefit them.

Here is a link to The Huddle Report where you will find a list of team draft selections as well as trade values. I've also provided a copy of the draft trade value chart with the Cowboy selections high-lighted. Don't be a wallflower, do you see any other dance partners out there?

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