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Welcome to the NFL Fib Party

A few weeks, ago, a source reminded me of a fact that cannot be emphasized enough at this time of the year.  He told me, "take a good, hard look at the data you have on guys and what teams are saying about their needs before the Indy Combine.  Because once it begins, you won't hear another word of truth until the draft is over."

EVERYBODY is blowing smoke right now.  You see an NFL team with an armless starter at QB and a brainless backup?  No matter.  They'll tell you with a straight face that they like who they have.

Hearing whisper campaigns that a troubled talent like Andre Smith won't get drafted?  Unless you read irrefutable evidence that Smith either killed the Lindbergh baby or kicked the Commissioner's dog, you have to know these stories are being planted by teams down the 1st round picking order hoping they can scare teams ahead of them into passing on Smith. 

It happens every year.  Everybody has an agenda.  Teams want to disguise their true intentions.  Other teams want to talk their way into bargains.  Agents want to puff up their players' values and will tell anybody willing to listen that ten dozen NFL teams are ready to nab their guy with their first overall pick this year and next!

To quote Bill Parcells, don't let yourself get sucked.  'Cause he's trying to sell you some powerful fiction too.


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