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Cowboys mock drafts: Are they mockable?

Draft season is here, that wonderful time of the year when hope springs eternal and everybody becomes an expert. One of the joys of draft season is mock drafts; anybody can make one and nowadays anyone can publish one. You never know, the mock draft you're reading could have been created by a monkey locked in a garage banging away on a keyboard, coming up with an updated mock before he types the complete works of Shakespeare. Or it could be Mel Kiper, which is virtually the same thing. Still, they're like crack; if crack didn't take over your life, bankrupt you and force you into a life of crime on the streets. Otherwise, they're just like crack. You can't stay away, they're too fun. Even their very name begs the question of how serious you can take them. They're a dichotomy. On one hand a mock is supposed to be an accurate representation of something else, as in a mock-up. On the other hand, mock is to imitate in a derisive or unflattering way, to make fun of. They're begging to be ridiculed by their very name.

Anyway, I love to look at them. Not because I believe them, unless of course their pick matches up to my own thoughts on who we should pick at that spot, then they are gospel! Otherwise, they're mainly fun because they focus attention on players or positions that we can sit around and endlessly talk about. Because that's what we do, especially in the offseason. We really need to get a life.

One problem this year is the Cowboys lack of a pick in the first round. That limits the number of famous mockers we can mock. They're just too lazy to go to the second round.

See the mock drafts after the jump.

Here some Cowboys mocks:

The National Football Post.

51.  Dallas Cowboys: Louis Delmas, FS, Western Michigan

The Cowboys need to add more playmakers to the safety position.

The Football Expert. 

51.  Dallas Cowboys - William Moore, SS/FS, Missouri
It remains to be seen which safety spot Moore fits into. The fact that some teams are undecided reflects that he might not be suited in either role at the NFL level. His stock went into the tank after a poor Senior Bowl showing. This was no surprise to me because although analysts point out "look at the tape!" every time they mention him this guy was the last line of defense for a defense that gave up loads of points. He did not stand out to me at the Alamo Bowl which was a close game against a very beatable opponent (Northwestern). If you are a top shelf NFL prospect you should be popping off the television screen in big college games. Still, they need a good safety after parting with Roy Williams and the drop in his stock might make him a little hungrier.

NFL Draft Countdown.


A playmaking free safety with excellent intangibles and the coverage skills they need.

Walter Football. 

Dallas Cowboys: Pat White, WR/QB, West Virginia
Jerry Jones loves flashy players. He also needs a receiver across from Roy Williams and a long-term backup for Tony Romo. Pat White has improved his stock enough that he can be drafted in the second round, so I think this selection makes sense.

I was very good with Louis Delmas, and OK with William Moore and Rashad Johnson. But Pat White? In the second round, for our team? Please, make it stop.


51. Dallas - Sean Smith - CB Utah +5 Value

Football Draft Analysis. 

51) Dallas Cowboys - *Sean Smith, CB/FS, Utah
The Cowboys parted ways with CB Anthony Henry, so it might make sense for
them to get another quality CB in case Newman or Jenkins gets injured. Smith can also play Safety which is a huge plus.

A conerback/safety combo? Not a bad idea.

The Draft Zoo

51.    DAL - William Moore, S, Missouri, 6001 221, 4.43

Dallas needs  Yeah that's it.  They've only needed one forever.  Moore could finally be the guy that knows how to stay deep.  He had a good pro day, and has seen his stock rebound some.  Dallas needs to get rid of the guys who think they are linebackers, and Moore has the ability to be a true ball hawk who can bring the big hit.  Previous pick:  Patrick Chung

Mocking The Draft.

Michael Hamlin, SS, Clemson: The Cowboys recently released Roy Williams. Why not draft someone who plays just like him?

Arrgh. If we were going to draft someone just like him, we wouldn't have released him.

NFL Draft 101.

19. Dallas Cowboys S Patrick Chung  Oregon 

With the top 7 wide receivers off of the board the Cowboys look to the hard hitting Chung to fill Roy Williams' vacancy at safety.

NFL Draft Dog.

CB, Mike Mickens, Cincinnati

A very talented corner with nice size  (6' 0" 185 lbs), long arms and speed. Suffered a late season knee injury and didn't run at the combine. The Boys are thin at corner.

This is a new name for me.

Draftniks and draft gurus, have at it.

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