T-new offers rebuttal to his earlier interview

Back on Mar 9th Grizz posted an interview that T-new gave to a local TV reporter.  It started quite a stir as to whether or not he should have done so.  The post did not divulge the time of the interview but it at the time most had determined that it was done before TO was cut, but not how far back.  I noticed that neither the reporter or T-new talked about canty, henry leaving the team, both happened before TO was cut and Henry was pretty much within the first few days of FA.  The link below provides a more specific time and a rebuttal or clarification of what he was talking about in the 1st interview.  Part of me wonders why an interview with T-new came out so late in the news cycle (DMN is now just talking about it, along with PTF).

The gag order came back out in late february and according to the last post he did the interview about two weeks ago but that does not add up.  The trade for Kitna was done back on the 27th of Feb and Brooking was signed the next day on the 28th.  Neither one of them talked about the siging of Kitna or the trading of A. Henry?  I could understand it if T-new had not heard about it but for the reporter to not even ask him about that is what does not add up.  So the Mar 2 date the new link is claiming is also off; add in that on  Mar 1st Canty accepts a deal with the giants.

Here is the link on his rebuttal:

I just wondered if anyone else wonders why this came out so late?  The interview had some pretty spicy stuff to be put on the back burner.  But more than likely it was held back because of the TO news and that overshadowed everything else.  I guess the main point I am trying to make is that this is the silly season for a reason and any news we get should be taken with a grain of salt because we are not getting the full details.


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