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Cowboys Draft 2009: Is O-line the Most Pressing Need?

The Dallas Cowboys' front office has done an admirable job of acquiring low-cost free agents to plug holes on the defensive side of the ball. The offense is virtually etched in stone as far as starters are concerned. However, as you comb through the Cowboys offensive lineup one thing jumps out at you. There is zero depth on this offensive line.

Here is the Dallas Cowboys offensive line as it stands today:

Flozell Adams (LT)
Kyle Kosier (LG)
Andre Gurode (C)
Leonard Davis (RG)
Marc Colombo (RT)

Reserves/Camp Bodies:
Matt Spanos (C)
Cory Proctor (G/C)
Montrae Holland (G)
Ryan Gibbons (G)
Doug Free (T)
Pat McQuistan (T)

Outside of a an in-shape Montrae Holland (cross your fingers) there is not anything better than a warm body among the offensive line backups. At this point we know very little about the capabilities of Free or McQuistan. All we know is that when Kosier first got hurt, the team felt it was worth it to send a future 5th round pick to Denver to acquire Holland, rather than plug in either Free or McQuistan at guard. We also know that the team felt better sending Flozell Adams out to battle with one good wing than it did the prospects of starting either Free or McQuistan at left tackle. Spanos and Gibbons are camp bodies, and do I really have to say anything about Proctor?

As it stands, this team is one offensive line injury away from being in precisely the same quandary it was in last season. The confusion, the sacks, the constant pressure, the turnovers, the penalties. Continuity is key as far as an offensive line is concerned. When continuity is compromised by injury, it sure doesn’t hurt to plug in a new guy who can hold his own. The entire left side of the line was hamstrung by the injury to Kosier. Continuity and communication were lost. Furthermore, Adams and Gurode were saddled with the burden of trying to cover for Proctor’s inadequacies. Even in the instances when Proctor held his ground, Adams seemed to play as if he was watching Proctor out of the corner of his eye.

With all the talk of landing a new safety or nose tackle, it seems we have overlooked the Cowboys’ most glaring deficiency. Skim through the Cowboys roster and you will find that offensive line is the position with the least depth. The Cowboys have other needs, but you have to believe that if there is a Duke Robinson or Herman Johnson sitting there at #51 the Cowboys will pounce. Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys go o-line early in this year’s draft.

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