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Cowboys By The Numbers

Hey, I'm a fan. I don't always feel like using logic, sometimes I just want to rant and make demands. Because I'm a fan I believe the Cowboys owe me something and so I'm providing them with some goals in a clear and easily understood list. It's rumored that Jerry Jones pays their salaries but ultimately I do. I buy the ticket and go to see a game a year. I buy their merchandise. I watch their games on TV and endure the endless commercials that generate the revenue to pay for their salaries. I should have a say.

This is pure emotion I'm talking here - not logic or reason. I want what I want and I want it right now. (Or at least this season) Alright Cowboys, I'm willing to do my part, here is what I expect from you.

4000 - yards from Romo

1100 - yards from Felix

1000 - yards from Choice

  960 - minutes of hard played, passionate football during the regular season.

    85 - catches from Roy Williams

    53 - egos in check that never rise above the team

    35 - salary cap violations by Dan Snyder uncovered by the commissioner

    21 - points per game on offense average

    14 - wins during the regular season, minimum

    13 - points per game allowed on defense maximum

      9 - draft picks forfeited by the Redskins for cap violations

      5 - draft picks this year who make a contribution to the team

      4 - false starts per season by Flozell Adams

      3 - playoff wins minimum

      1 - team united towards a common goal

      0 - legal incidents that detract from the team

You're a fan. You have rights. What would you add to this list?

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