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Dallas Cowboys news & notes (new draft picks edition)

Compensatory draft picks were announced and the Cowboys got one in the fifth and sixth round. Here are our draft picks according to DraftTek

Round 2 - 19 (51)
Round 3 - 5 (69)
Round 4 - 1 (101) | 17 (117)
Round 5 - 20 (156) | 30 (166) | 36 (172 compensatory)
Round 6 - 24 (197) | 35 (208 compensatory)
Round 7 - 1 (210) | 18 (227)

Hat tip to BigDinSC for the FanPost.

Todd Archer got a little time with Wade Phillips here, here and here

Key quote on Gerald Sensabaugh:

"Sensabaugh's a cover safety. He can play strong [safety] but he can cover well, so that gives us some versatility. They can't split out a tight end on us or a back. He can play the slot guy and play man to man so he gives us some versatility at strong safety that we hadn't had."

Nothing says Thanksgiving Day like a game with the...Raiders? Well, they've been the biggest turkey of a franchise over the last few years. (Weak joke, I know)

We won't be playing the Texans in pre-season this year but we do get to play a team in the regular season that was once called the Texans but now reside in Kansas City. And the teams will wear throwbacks

Sunday Ticket and the NFL re-upped with DirecTV through 2014. I love my Sunday Ticket. It's one of the joys of my life. (That's kind of sad)

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