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Dallas Cowboys news & notes (Wildcat edition)

Isaiah Stanback has suddenly become a popular guy with the media. The minute Jerry Jones mentioned the Cowboys would like to install a package that sounds very much like a Wildcat formation, two names popped up. Pat White and our very own Stanback. As you can imagine, Stanback is willing - anything to get on the field. But what does Jerry think of the idea

"We may have [our Wildcat quarterback] in Stanback, but I want to be careful about taking away time from Stanback on his potential development as a receiver," [Jerry] Jones said.

Could be an interesting training camp for Stanback, unless the Cowboys grab a Wildcat candidate in the draft and leave Stanback at receiver exclusively.

All charges have been dropped against Anthony Spencer from the drunk and disorderly incident, and Jerry says he doesn't expect any NFL discipline.

Wade Phillips on T.O.'s departure and why he didn't want to talk to the media about it. 

"I think you're worse off if you respond to all that he said, she said, they're saying this, we say that, all that stuff," Phillips said. "Get through it, get over it, let's go to the next year. And we have to get over it at some time.

"I'm not even going to discuss that because that's why I didn't want to talk about it in the first place. . . . I'm through with that."

You can check out a lot more of what Wade said here and here

RW interview over at the official Cowboys site. 

My friend Brian over at Buffalo Rumblings has an interview with our old friend Jim Jeffcoat. 

Also on the SBN network is a mock draft by team blog. It can be found over at our draft site, Mocking the Draft. I think we get to pick in 10 days or something.

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