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Cowboy Stew

Sometimes I have something interesting to say about the Cowboys but there isn't really enough there to write a front page post on. Other than being related in some way to the Cowboys there is also no cogent way to link these stories together. So, what do I do with these fascinating Cowboy tidbits? Just throw them away? No, you can't be wasteful in these times so why not put them all in a pot and make a big Cowboy Stew of unrelated opinions, comments and observations?

That's what I'm serving up here, no interesting analysis, no insights into the draft, nothing fancy - just a big steaming bowl of spicy thoughts and opinions that I have bouncing around in my head - that I have to let out so new ones can come in.

Pull up a chair and let me know what you think of my Cowboy Stew.

 The Pantheon of Great Football Names-

You know there are some names that just sound like great football names. Dick Butkus, Boss Bailey, Takeo Spikes and several others. They are the kind of names that command respect and maybe even a little fear. Look, I admit that if you play football you have to be a tough guy, but some people just have that added extra advantage of having a great name that fits their tough vocation. On the other hand you have - Beanie Wells? Ashley Lelie? Cleo Lemon? My latest nominee into the PGFN is Igor Olshansky, a new member of the Cowboys. Anybody named Igor deserves automatic consideration.

Roy Williams the Safety -

Current stories hint that Roy is close to signing on with another team that plays a 4-3 but he's been available for quite a while. I wish him well. I was thinking about what went wrong with Roy - declining skills, age, lost the killer instinct, injury? His problem is his lack of cover skills, that's how he got tagged with the moniker - ‘Thong'. A thong doesn't cover anything and neither does Roy. The problem is he had that weakness when he was drafted in the first round but he was a devastating hitter and that seemed to be enough at the time. His coverage problems have now been exploited by almost every offensive coordinator in the league. Let this be a cautionary tale for the draft - don't fall in love with and draft a one dimensional player, regardless of how good he might be at that skill. Remember - Two thongs don't make a right!

Chris Canty -

I hate to say it but you know he is probably going to have a banner year next year in New York. Doesn't it always work out that way? Your ex- girlfriend always seems to look better after she becomes your ex! Canty will be joining an already stellar D-line and he will benefit from the attention the other Giants players will draw. He was an adequate player here but the pundits will make his success in New York seem as though he was held back by the ‘circus atmosphere' in Dallas.

 Should the Head Coach Fly First Class? -

A local DFW sports radio show reported an interesting pre-combine story about Mike Singletary connecting in DFW airport for his flight to Indy for the NFL Combine and meeting up in the terminal with Norv Turner waiting for the same flight. First Class is called and those two take their seats and order something to drink. While they are talking in their first class seats they look up to see Wade Philips and Jason Garrett walking past with their eyes down, headed to their seats in coach. The radio jocks were hooting about how embarrassing it had to be for those the Cowboys staff as well as for those who watched them walk by.  To me, it seemed appropriate for a coach to be sitting in - coach!

The Player -

Will T.O. thrive in Buffalo? On the plus side, he will be motivated to prove his value. A motivated Terrell Owens is a real offensive threat. He will have a supporting cast in Lee Evans, Marshawn Lynch (hopefully), Trent Edwards and the Buffalo fans are going to love having him there. His challenge will be the weather and facing some decent defensive backs in that conference. Shawn Springs will see him twice now that he's with the Pats and Springs played well against T.O. this past season. The Jets Darrelle Revis will certainly be looking forward to playing T.O. twice a year as well. During the 2008 draft, Revis was interviewed and said he was only beaten twice for touchdowns in his rookie season - once by Braylon Edwards and once by Terrell Owens because of their size advantage on fade routes.

A Gunner on Special Teams? -

Gerald Sensabaugh? Just kidding. Let's give the guy a chance. He has the NFL combine record for vertical jump (46"). He's been active in his community, supports the Boys & Girls Club and reads to those kids, he visits the local children's hospital, he supports the local military as well as the charity causes of his teammates. He had permits for those guns which were found in his Bentley and the arrest was because he had a suspended drivers license. I don't think Goodell will have much to say about that episode. Let's give the guy a chance to be a good player on the field and a good citizen off the field- as he has shown himself to be.

Jessica Simpson's Weight Gain -

Joe Simpson blames Romo for Jessica's Weight Gain - He says it's because Jess is ... Whoa - what am I doing?

Bobby Carpenter -

A make or break year? It's already broken for me and here's why.

I am a Buckeye by birth and a fan of THE Ohio State University football teams. I was excited when Carp was drafted and I expected big things from him. He played alongside A.J. Hawk and they made a strong tandem. He has been a big disappointment in terms of breaking into the starting lineup and has simply not been worth the first round pick. I guess I'm taking it personally since I'm a Buckeye and was endorsing the pick from the get go. My theory of why Tuna took Carpenter with that first round pick goes back to Bobby's dad having been a Parcells' player on the Giants championship team.

Carpenter has been rumored to be the 'rodent' in the locker room who was at the core of the T.O. schism. If this is true how does he repair relations with his mates?

Bill Parcells has not been bashful about raiding the Cowboys' cupboard of coaches and players but as far as I know he hasn't made any moves for Bobby Carpenter. Why? Does he (Parcells) realize that this was a bad pick or is he waiting until the Cowboys unload him at a bargain basement price? It makes me think that either way Parcells must know the Cowboys paid way too much. A Bobby Carpenter Pro Bowl year would make me bow down and apologize for feeling this way - but you have to get on the field to have a great year.

The Pot is Empty Now-

OK, that's the end of the Cowboy Stew. Do you have any nominees for the Pantheon of Great Football Names? Any thoughts on Canty, Thong, Sensabaugh or the concept of a post like the Cowboy Stew?

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