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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

Randy Galloway actually has some interesting quotes from players in his latest missive. Yes, I'm recommending a Galloway article. It actually has some good stuff in it like these quotes about the coaches getting tougher.

"Jason Garrett," he said. "We are now seeing a side of Jason Garrett I wasn't sure was there. He's really getting after people."


"Most coaching staffs are comprised of good cops, bad cops. That's a long-standing concept," said another voice. "But our staff has been all good cops and that, of course, starts with Wade.

"What we have now, however, are jobs on the line. If you want to continue to be the good cop coach, you might not be around here much longer. Already, there are coaches I didn't think would change, but you can see that they have. Right now they are trending more to the bad cop side."

Another source went on to say that Wade hasn't changed much, so I guess that's a work in progress if he is going to change at all. But hearing that some assistants are toughening up and putting some pressure on the players already is music to my ears.

BTW, how would the players know much about what the coaches are doing if it's the offseason? More good news, the Cowboys have had a sizable contingent working out at the Ranch regularly. 

"We've had anywhere from 15 and 30 people for the last 10, 11 weeks, which is a large number of players," Juraszek said. "So many of our guys live here and they've been in and out working. We've had the rehab guys (in) and we've had younger guys doing things for themselves.

"Our guys like being here, I think. I think they like the facility, they like the workouts. We've had good success."

Organized voluntary workouts start on Monday.

More stuff after the jump.

The Cowboys are setting up visits with defensive backs; CB Greg Toler from tiny St. Paul's.

The Dallas Cowboys are in the process of setting up a visit for Toler, a Division II star with 4.37 speed in the 40-yard dash who intercepted 14 career passes.

Plus FSU cornerback Tony Carter on April 13th and Clemson safety Mike Hamlin on April 16th, according to the Ranch Report.

It's not unusual for a head coach to be his own offensive coordinator and call his own plays, sometimes that coach has an offensive coordinator in-name to help him out on the staff. It is unusual for the head coach to be his own defensive coordinator, and as of right now, the Cowboys are the only team without a defensive coordinator, even if in-name only, in the NFL. Wade Phillips is pulling double-duty and is very glad to be in charge of his own defense. Wade is either going to win or go down in flames doing his thing this year. He's brought in some of his veterans that he trusts, he's gotten rid of some questionable attitudes on the team and he's going to call his own defense while being the head coach. I'm pulling for ya' coach.

Could we be opening the season with the Broncos?

[Jerry] Jones said the first two regular-season home games at the Cowboys new stadium will be in prime time

The Cowboys' season opener will be at Denver, according to a source.

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