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Hold On a Second

What do Anthony Fasano, Dwayne Goodrich, Quincy Carter, Tony Dixon, Antonio Bryant, Al Johnson, Julius Jones and Jacob Rogers have in common? All were second round draft picks of the Cowboys this decade and none are still with the club. Since the Cowboys first selection in this draft is in the second round I wanted to see how successful the team has been at choosing players in that round.

Martellus Bennett, Andre Gurode and Kevin Burnett are the only second rounders still wearing the star, and that may change this week if Burnett decides to leave. A second round pick should be a contributing player after a couple of years - 3 out of 11 (27%) in nine drafts is a poor average when you consider one of the 3 was selected last year and another may be gone soon, dropping the Cowboys to (18%). This doesn't bode well for the Boys in this draft.

The Giants second rounders for this decade are - Cornelius Griffin, Tim Carter, Osi Umenyiora, Chris Snee, Corey Webster, Sinorice Moss, Steve Smith and Terrell Thomas. All but Griffin and Carter are still listed on the team roster giving the Giants 6 out of 8 second rounders for a (75%) success rate in the that round.

The Redskins Taylor Jacobs and Fred Davis are the only second round selections not still on their roster out of the following - Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, Rocky McIntosh, LaDell Betts and Fred Smoot. Having 5 out of 7 second round picks still playing for the ‘Skins makes their draft success for that round at (71% ).

Listed on the current Eagles roster from this decades second round draft selections are -  Trevor Laws, Desean Jackson, Kevin Kolb, Victor Abiamiri, Winston Justice, Reggie Brown , L.J. Smith and Sheldon Brown. The following were drafted by the Redskins in the second but are no longer with the club - Matt McCoy, Michael Lewis, Quinton Caver, Todd Pinkston, Bobbie Williams. 8 out of 13 second round keepers gives the Eagles a (62%) success rate.

I understand this is not exactly apples to apples and is far from scientific but take a look at the keeper rate. A high percentage of second round players who stay on the roster would indicate better draft research and a better selection process. This should translate into fewer needs at future drafts and an opportunity for the team to draft players for development and not be in a do or die scenario when your QB injures his throwing hand.

Could ranking dead last in your division in this category have anything to do with failing in the playoffs? You bet it does. Is the Cowboys poor history of drafting second round players a cause for concern this year? It is for me. Our top pick is currently in the second round at #51.

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