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Adios T.O. -- So Many Cowboys Questions in His Wake

I remember when T.O. was signed.  It was the biggest day traffic wise my old site had.  It was the biggest day Dave's site had at the time.  I find more questions arising from this move than answers.  Feel free to add your queries and conclusions:

1.  Are we seeing the beginning of the Jason Garrett Era tonight, even though Wade Phillips holds the titular reins?  Because Dallas does seem to be going with kids.  No pursuit of Ray Lewis.  No big secondary signings.  Yeah, Keith Brooking has lots of wear on his treads but he's still younger than Zach Thomas.

2.  Is Jason ready?  He got what he wanted.  The bridges have been burned.  His best receiver has been cut adrift.  He has no excuses.

3.  Is Roy Williams up to being number one?  He didn't produce in Detroit, 2006 aside.  He blamed it on the losing culture.  He now has no excuses either.

4.  Will we see Bum Phillips' '70s Oilers revived, with Earl Campbell, Marion Barber, Rob Carpenter Felix Jones and Tim Wilson Tashard Choice lugging the ball much of the time?  Or will we see an even funker version of Miami's offense, with wildcat sets, single wings and the winged T on the field?

5.  Will we now see Patrick Crayton and Isaiah Stanback running some option and throwing the ball?

6.  Will Jason Witten now be the leading receiver on the team?

7.  Where will T.O. land?  I'm going to guess Dan Snyder is hyperventilating right now, looking for ways to fit The Player under his ever-expanding salary cap.

8.  Will Dallas stand pat with its current receiving corps, or will we see the old Marion-for-Anquan rumor mill fired up again, for no good reason?

9.  Lots of regulars left my blog, saying they could not root for Dallas with T.O. on the roster.  They were serious.  Will they come back?

So many questions, and since it's early March, so much time. 

Parting thought -- how 'bout that Jerry Jones?  Everybody should consider themselves sucked on this one.

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