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The Valley Ranch Review: Dan Reeves Speaks and Other News from Big D

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Exactly, what did happen between the Cowboys and Dan Reeves? The former NFL head coach told the Star-Telegram that Jerry Jones is the one who suggested: "If I feel it's important and you feel it's something you can't live with, why don't we just part ways?"

The "it's" Reeves referred to are his and Jones' differences in opinion regarding the infamous logging-of-hours stipulation embedded within the proposed contract. Reeves, who was being brought in as a consultant, felt confused by Jones' desire to even have such language in the contract.

"Although I respected Jerry's decision, I didn't understand it, and it wasn't something that was even negotiable," Reeves recalled from his home in Atlanta.

"I just couldn't sign something that, in my opinion, would mean I'd be working day-to-day."

Reeves also discussed how his hours worked could be compared to that of other coaches.

"[F]or some reason, Jerry felt like he had to [have in writing] that I work as many, or more, hours as the head coach [Wade Phillips] and offensive coordinator [Jason Garrett]," Reeves explained.

"That meant, at any time, [Jones] could say, 'You didn't work as many hours as Wade did yesterday, therefore, you've voided your contract.' "

The Cowboys were bringing Reeves in, as a consultant, for several reasons.

Reeves was to lend his expertise in the passing game, help with the move to the new Arlington stadium, maybe even win back a few old Cowboys fans who lost interest after Landry was fired in 1989.

However, the contract ruined the former Dallas assistant coach and player's reunion with the Cowboys' organization.

"Coaches," Reeves said, "never punch a clock."

Over the weekend, Zach Thomas moved on to Kansas City to help the Chiefs install their 3-4 defense.

Hat tip to Nelson for the Fanshot.

 One prospect Dallas may be interested in is Georgia's Corvey Irvin. The team conducted a formal interview with the 6'3", 301-pound defensive tackle at the combine.

South Carolina linebacker, Jasper Brinkley, is visiting Valley Ranch today.

Feel-good story about Cory Procter and a farmer from Iowa who was in a serious car crash and almost paralyzed for life. Easter Seals had flown him to a Cowboys game and he met Procter; now they're best buds.

"He inspires me more than anything. ... How doesn't he inspire everyone?" said the 6-4, 310-pound Procter, who earns his Cowboys keep in the trenches as a reserve center and guard. "Here is a guy who was paralyzed ... who they told would never walk, and he's getting around just fine."

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