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The latest on Miles Austin

Allow me to drop a little teaser, before the Austin stuff below. We're going to do some promotion for a current Cowboys player on the blog tomorrow. We'll be helping him announce a project. It's a guy who has gotten a lot of love from BTB, and the Cowboys fanbase in general, so be sure to drop by the blog tomorrow.

As far as Miles Austin goes, we're in a holding pattern. Here's the latest from The Star-Ledger in New Jersey.

Just talked to my guy and there's no word yet on whether the Jets intend to sign Cowboys restricted free agent wide receiver Miles Austin, who visited on Friday, to an offer sheet. The Jets have until this Friday to do so.

The writer's opinion of doing so?

My take is that Austin is better than any wide receiver the Jets could get in the second -- or perhaps even the first -- round (17th overall).

But the blogger at the NY Daily News disagrees. 

Personally, I think surrendering a second-round pick for Austin would be a huge gamble, bordering on a gross miscalculation, but the Jets want a receiver and they evidently don't like what they see in the draft.

Matt Mosley spoke to Austin and reported this:

He told me that he met with new head coach Rex Ryan and several of his assistants, including offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, wide receivers coach Henry Ellard and running backs coach Anthony Lynn. Austin said he doesn't know whether the Jets will make an offer, but he expects to hear something by "midweek."


"I just told them that if they throw me the ball, I'm gonna catch it," [Austin] said. "And I let them know that I'm a good locker-room guy."

Meanwhile, PFT reports that the Jets are bringing in a lot of WR's for their pre-draft visits.

DeMarcus Ware plans to get vocal this year and assert some leadership. 

"I think so, because sometimes the young guys they come in and look for, they see he knows how to do it but can he tell me how to do it?" Ware says. "So with that being said, sometimes you need to be more of a vocal leader and if that's what it takes that's what I'm going to do."

On a ‘more creative' approach to the defense:

"So if you have guys like Terence Newman, Ken Hamlin, Bradie James everybody blitzing, they don't know exactly who to key on. So that's going to help a lot of guys out. I mean Wade (Phillips) -- he's a very creative guy. I mean, I know it's going to be some changes from last year, cause like you said there's mistakes that were made last year we want to improve on them this year and have some changes, I would consider that a lot."

Lots more in that article from Ware, check it out.

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