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BTB: Announcing the launch of Tashard Choice's official website

Blogging The Boys is pulling an audible today. We've been asked by Dallas Cowboys running back Tashard Choice to announce the grand opening of his personal website. Okay, Tashard didn't personally ask me to announce that he has entered cyberspace with his own home base, but his representative did and that's good enough for me. Tashard wanted a place where he could post videos and pics, write an occasional blog, and announce all the great stuff he does in the offseason. Generally, let the people know what's going with #23. I told his rep that if he wanted to get it out there to a big, hardcore base of Cowboys fans, let BTB handle the announcement. In a moment of weakness he will surely regret...he agreed!

Now, you guys don't make a liar out of me - be sure to stop by Tashard's new website and poke around. He did a quick ‘10 Questions' with me. They'll be adding more videos and pictures to the galleries soon, hopefully including some footage of a young TC tearing it up. He's holding a charity golf event on May 18 at the Brookhaven Country Club in Farmers Branch, TX. And a youth football camp on May 30-31, at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, TX for student/athletes in the first to eighth grades.

Over the next couple of days, we'll be promoting TC on the blog. We dig him as a player and he has the kind of heart and enthusiasm you wish every professional athlete would show. And since he's from Georgia Tech, I gotta back him. (You knew I'd get a GT plug in there).

So welcome to the virtual world, Tashard Choice. BTB is proud to announce your entry!

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