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Draft '09: Around the Division

Let's begin in New York, where the Giants have two extra picks, a 2nd and a 5th, courtesy of the New Orleans Saints, who sent them north for tight end Jeremy Shockey

Those two picks figure prominently in the rumored Braylon Edwards deal.  Stories on Yahoo News and in the New York Post cite the 2nd and the 5th as the starting point in an Edwards deal, with the teams allegedly haggling over a veteran wide receiver, either Steve Smith or Domenik Hixon, though Giants GM Jerry Reese denied yesterday that any players had been discussed thus far.   

The New York Daily News' Ralph Vacchio writes that New York may also pursue Arizona's Anquan Boldin.

How does Cowboys receiver Roy Williams play into this scenario? Make the jump to find out.

Here's where Dallas' trade-and-sign deal for Roy Williams comes in.  Arizona is reportedly asking for the same compensation -- a 1st and 3rd -- in any deal for Boldin.  New York's proposed deals for Edwards are for less, though the Browns also seem to be using Williams' deal as their benchmark.  The National Football Post's Mike Lombardi wrote over the weekend that Cleveland had an offer of a 1st rounder for Edwards, but was "looking for a bit more."  

And there's the deal.  Edwards and Boldin both want an average of $10 million a year.  Williams' Dallas extension averages $9 million per.  Boldins' Cardinals teammate Larry Fitzgerald makes $10 million per.  I can say with some certainty that none of these other guys are Larry Fitzgerald.

All you folks arguing Dallas should jump into the Boldin sweepstakes should look at his contract demands and adjust your expectations, or wishes, accordingly.

-- The Eagles have two first-round picks, and the debate over Boldin has begun.

-- It's the offseason.   The Redskins therefore have ants in their pants.  They're very interested in USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Their problem?  They own the 13th pick and several teams ahead of them, the Lions, the Seahawks, and 49ers, are also interested in Sanchez.  There are also teams behind Washington -- the Broncos and Jets -- with the ammunition to move up and snag Sanchez, should he drop past the top half dozen spots.

Washington does have a shot.  I've seen several reports that nearly all the top ten teams want to trade down.  And Dan Snyder, in the George Allen tradition, has never been opposed to dealing future picks for players he likes now. 

One player the Redskins don't like is QB Jason Campbell.  Look at what the team has done, and not said.  It pursued Jay Cutler and apparently got close to landing him. Now, the Redskins want Sanchez. Stay tuned. 

Okay, I Missed This One

I think I can scratch one off my Monday mock draft.  I've researched St. Paul cornerback Greg Toler, a speedy cover man with size, who started as a very late round prospect but has moved way up the charts.  I elevated him to the 5th round and made him one of Dallas' three picks there.

It's now clear that he's risen much higher than that.  The Redskins are strongly considering him with their 3rd round pick.

I can live with that.  Washington's biggest immediate need is offensive line.  Both of the Redskins' guards are aging and breaking down.  They spent a mint to re-sign G Derrick Dockery, who had a terrible season for Buffalo last year.  Right tackle Jon Jansen is on his last legs. 

If they want to go through the first four rounds without touching the line, that's fine with me.  I can, however, understand Washington's thinking.  If you don't have a quartertback, you don't have anything. 

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