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I'm Pro-Choice

[Ed. note by Grizz]: This is the last in our series of posts promoting the opening of Tashard Choice's website. It's been a fun adventure, and thanks to you guys it was a success, even Tashard thinks so. Maybe we'll be able to do more of these types of things in the future, and we will do more stuff with Tashard. So one more final time: Go visit Tashard Choice's official website. Also, make sure you read all the way through Jim's post below, I embedded a funny Choice video at the end. [End ed. note]

I travel for business and found myself in the San Diego airport last week trying to get back to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I was wearing a baseball cap with the Cowboys blue star embroidered on front and the team name across the back. I sat in the terminal next to another gentleman who was headed home to Atlanta.

He nodded at my cap and said, "You know, I'm a Falcons fan, but we all love that third-string running back of yours."

"Tashard Choice?" I said. "Yes, I think he's a good kid, I'm looking forward to seeing him play this year."

"Yes, Tashard has a lot of fans back home, we are all rooting for him to have a great career."

He went his way and I mine, but I was proud to hear a stranger say such positive things about a Cowboy player. As Cowboy fans we have taken some hits aimed at our team due to the off field issues of some Cowboy players - and now we have strangers in airports saying they are rooting for our Cowboys. Isn't that refreshing?

Tashard Choice won the Total Person Award at his alma mater, Georgia Tech. The Total Person Awards are presented annually to the male and female senior student-athletes who best exemplify excellence in academics, athletics, leadership and service.

He is sponsoring a charity golf tournament in Farmers Branch Texas and he has a youth football camp in Arlington Texas for kids in first to eighth grades. This guy was a rookie last year and he is already making his name known and serving the community.

I know you've seen the pregame speech on YouTube that Tashard gave before the Clemson game. It's a classic and you don't get the impression that he rehearsed this, it was straight from the heart. That's exactly what the Cowboys have been needing - a solid football player, a great neighbor and a guy with heart.

That's why I'm Pro-Choice.

As promised, Tashard Choice shows his moves in this short video.

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