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Passing the Cowboys Hat

[Rafael Vela]: NFL teams are buzzing with offseason action, filling in their final draft boards and rolling out their preseason schedules.

We're doing the same here at Blogging the Boys. Dave and I have been working hard planning some new features and projects for the site, which should begin their rollouts in the coming months. 

We've also decided to continue an old BSR feature -- the spring camp fundraiser -- but with a twist.  Back in '05, I gave my readers a challenge:  if they would back me, I would go to camp in Oxnard and offer daily reports.  They did and the camp blogging practice was born. 

This year, Dave and I are looking to use your donations for camp and to help us implement our other new projects.  Help us bring you the best Cowboys coverage anywhere on the planet. 

If you're new to the site, here are two reports from Camp '08, to give you a flavor of what you're supporting.  If you're an older hand, this should get you in the mood for Camp '09:

Dave is more the play-by-play guy;

And I'm more of the color analyst.

[Dave Halprin]: I've never tried this before at BTB but going to training camp does cost money every year, I've spent quite a bit of my own cash covering the Cowboys. I do it because I love it, but Rafael and Raul tell me people don't mind contributing some money towards camp coverage, and just to make the blog a better place. Like Raf said, we're working on some things behind the scenes so your contributions will help us do other things beyond training camp...should we be so lucky to gather enough contributions.

Right below the FanPosts section on the right-hand sidebar is the contribution button to accept credit card donations. If people want to contribute by the old snail-mail, we'll set up an address for that.

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