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Cory Procter signs his tender (plus other Cowboys news)

Cory Procter signed his $1.54 million tender. Best guess is he becomes the primary backup center, with the ability to move to guard and Montrae Holland becomes the primary guard backup. Pat McQuistan can swing between tackle and guard while Doug Free is a pure tackle backup. But that's before the draft which could shakeup that part of the roster.

Speaking of shaking things up, Isaiah Stanback wants to do a little ‘Wildcat' and thought he was going to get some action in a game last year after they practiced it during the week. But so far, the coaches haven't mentioned it for this year.

Although Stanback said he ran a few plays from the "Wildcat" in practice last season, it was never used in a game. So far this off-season, Stanback said he hasn't heard anything about adding it to the playbook.

"No one from the organization has said anything to me about it," he said. "Until I hear something from the coaches, or until I see it, I'll treat it as just talk. But we'll see what happens. Hopefully, we can do some different things like that this year."

Pat Crayton is still talking:

"I'm competing for a job like everybody else," Crayton said. "But I do feel like I'm a starter unless someone takes it from me. I feel like I am the guy opposite Roy, until someone takes it from me. And if they do, then I have to take it like a man and play my role."

Jason Witten is talking about his involvement with the T.O. Affair:

"To get perceived to be in the middle of that, that bothers you," Witten said. "I can take that. Tony is a good friend, but he's the quarterback, he's a leader, man. This is a professional football team. You can't worry about that stuff."

OLB Lawrence Sidbury from Richmond will visit the 'Boys.

Sidbury, who has visited the Buffalo Bills and will visit the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans, stood on his numbers from the combine.

Marty B is becoming quite the new-media sensation. First, there was his controversial YouTube rap that got him fined and was removed. But he persevered and created more raps on YouTube. He moved on to Twitter and BTB-reader alienasia has cataloged some his better lines in this FanPost. Then BTB-reader jsams let us know that Marty B has signed on to blog with the DMN in this FanShot.

I'll leave you with another Marty B 'tweet':

"I jus had the sexiest fedex woman ever deliver my boxes. Wow. She was hot. Made me wanna order more stuff, wonder if she came n a box?"

Marty B, here's an idea for something in a box for your FedEx lady.

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