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The Valley Ranch Review: Dallas’ Draft Board - Chock Full of "Tough Guys"

Tom Ciskowski, Dallas' director of college and pro scouting, succeeded in his first draft last year, hitting on 5 of 6 players. With eleven picks this year, the organization has the ammunition to trade around to target guys who fit Ciskowski's vision of Cowboys; not just talented, but are football "tough" with football "smarts".

Ciskowski has devised a position-by-position set of characteristics he seeks for any player, and the consistent themes throughout every spot are willingness to work, and intelligence. It's a value system where toughness is almost as important as talent. He is pushing in the direction of the increasingly popular, if slightly boring, tough-guy, fits our-mold football player.

Ciskowski has his outline, his plan, and his vision for what he wants. According to various Valley Ranch sources, Ciskowski is allowed to set up the draft board the way he wants it; it's almost as if it's Jerry proof, and there will be no chance of taking a Quincy Carter in the second round.

Toughness and a willingness to do the grunt work is why Sam Hurd is still a Cowboy.

Rick Gosselin analyzes how the prospects in this year's draft can help Dallas' special teams units.

A Tyson Middle School student interviewed Ken Hamlin about what makes a team successful.

"It's little things that are going to make you great," Hamlin said. "We have things that are making us good right now. We have to make the next step and do some little things here and there to make us great."

More Isaiah Stanback and Wild Cat speculation.

The DMN's draft series features wide receivers, beginning with Rice's Jarrett Dillard.

NBC's DFW affiliate discusses which positions will make up Dallas' draft board.

Here is an update on LSU's Demetrius Byrd. The WR is expected to make a full recovery from Monday's car accident.


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