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The Valley Ranch Review: Miles Austin Signs and Jerry Jones is Confident in Roy Williams

Barring some unforeseen trade, the Cowboys' absence in the first round this Saturday will continue the talk regarding the Roy Williams' trade. Jerry Jones said he'd do it again.

"I would do that trade again. The only fair way to look at that trade, at his age, is to give it the benefit of how and what it does as we go ahead over the next year or two."

He also spoke on RW's commitment this offseason.

"First of all, he's the first one here," Jones said. "And, secondly, he's lighting them up. He doesn't have any nicks. He's out there working with (receivers coach) Ray Sherman and those guys are elated. I'm not exaggerating, they are elated at the work he is getting in and what he is doing and his focus and his work habits and everything that he is doing. He had to make it happen, and he did it, and that's impressed everybody."

Here's another reason Jones thought giving up a first-rounder was worth it.

"One of the reasons we made the Roy Williams trade is to stay out of the first round," Jones said. "We were concerned as we went into this draft. Now I must tell you when we made the trade, I thought we would be at the bottom of the first round. We called on our scouting group and we projected out ahead, and we did think this was not the year, it's the year before going into an uncapped year, you've got different signing issues on picks than you had last year, and so, these are really going to be, this year, is going to be a real challenge in the first round."

Miles Austin signed his restricted free agent tender, but may have to show some of his expected potential to receive a long-term contract. Stephen Jones told DMN why he thought the Jets passed on committing to the wide receiver.

"On your second contract, you get paid off what you've done, not what you might do," Stephen Jones said.


"I would have been surprised if they were the numbers that I was hearing," Stephen Jones said when asked if he was surprised the Jets didn't make an offer. "That's a lot of money to pay a guy who hasn't done it."

Jones declined to reveal the contract terms floated by Austin's camp, but he mentioned that a second-round pick would get "20 percent of that." Based on the contract of Jacksonville DE Quentin Groves, the 52nd overall pick last season, that puts the Austin camp's proposal in the four-year, $18 million range.

RB Alonzo Coleman and TE Rodney Hannah also signed their exclusive rights free agent contracts with the team.

Troy Aikman talks about how his background with baseball led him to purchasing a minority ownership in MLB's San Diego Padres.

Former Buffalo Bill and Texas Longhorn offensive tackle, Mike Williams, is making a comeback after sitting out of the game for two years. We've seen the Cowboys support and even sign these types of players. Could the former first-round bust pull a Marc Colombo?

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