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Dallas Cowboys 2009 Draft (Day 2): Open Thread V

[UPDATE]: With the 229th pick, the Cowboys select: Manuel Johnson, WR, Oklahoma

NFL Draft Countdown on Manuel Johnson


That's it, all 12 picks. Stick around for updates later.

[UPDATE]: With the 227th pick, the Cowboys select: Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati

NFL Draft Countdown on Mike Mickens


[UPDATE]: With the 208th pick, the Cowboys select: John Phillips, TE, Virginia

NFL Draft Countdown on John Phillips


[UPDATE]: With the 197th pick, the Cowboys select: Stephen Hodge, S, TCU

NFL Draft Countdown on Stephen Hodge


One more open thread should get us through our final picks; 197, 208, 227 and 229.

#69: Jason Williams, ILB, Western Illinois
#75: Robert Brewster, T/G, Ball State
#101: Stephen McGee, QB, Texas A&M
#110: Victor Butler, OLB, Oregon State
#120: Brandon Williams, OLB, Texas Tech
#143: DeAngelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati
#166: Michael Hamlin, S, Clemson
#172: David Buehler, K, USC

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