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Cowboys strike deals with three undrafted free agents

The draft may be over, but the business of signing college players isn't. Now it's time for the undrafted free agents, affectionately known as UDFAs. Remember, Tony Romo was an UDFA. Stephen Jones says he expects 7-9 UDFAs to be bagged by the weekend. They've already started the process with WR Kevin Ogletree out of Virginia (The Ranch Report). 

Scott Wright on Ogletree.

Good size and bulk...Great timed speed...Smooth and a terrific route runner...Excellent hands...Good body control and ball skills...Great leaper...Gets off the line well...Nice instincts and awareness...Very smart...Mature...Tough...Has a strong work ethic...Decent production.

Isn't a vertical threat...Doesn't get much separation...Not very elusive and won't do much after the catch...Not real strong...Could be more physical and aggressive...A sub par  blocker...Has durability concerns.

They've also inked West Virginia guard Greg Isdaner (The Ranch Report)

Scott Wright on Isander. 

Adequate height...Excellent bulk...Strong and powerful...Very smart with great awareness...Understands angles and positioning...Uses his hands well...Technically sound...Good work ethic...Lots of experience.

Has short arms...Not stout at the point of attack...Doesn't get a great push in the run game...Not very light on his feet...Stiff and isn't very agile...Substandard balance...Struggles in space...Durability concerns.

Also, the Idaho Statesman notes a deal with WR Julian Hawkins of Boise State.

Wide receiver Julian Hawkins has agreed to a deal with the Dallas Cowboys, he and his agent said.

"This is a total dream," Hawkins said. "It's a dream finally coming true - not just for me, but for my whole family."

A few older stories on Hawkins here and here

One guy who won't be joining the Cowboys is Missouri QB Chase Daniel, who opted to sign with the Redskins.

After going undrafted this weekend, former Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel studied the depth charts of the four teams that offered him free agent contracts. In the end, after doing some homework, Washington won over Dallas, the team Daniel grew up cheering.

If you know of any others, or stumble across them during the day, add them in this thread and I will do an updated post later.

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