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We have a winner...


First, thanks to everybody who has contributed to the training camp/blog improvement fundraiser so far. We really appreciate all the support and will use the money to make this an even better Dallas Cowboys blog.

As promised, we have a winner for the Triplets Lithograph, drawn at random from the names of those who had contributed through last night.

The winner: cowboy1966

Congrats! Shoot me an email cowboy1966 and let me know where you would like the lithograph shipped an we'll get on that right away.

Now we move into the second phase of the fundraiser where the prizes are bigger. Going forward for the next month, we'll be putting up two tickets to the Cowboys very first game to be played in the new stadium, alternately known as Jerry's World or Billion Dollar Stadium. That game is against the Tennessee Titans on August 21, 2009. We'll also be weighting this drawing for a winner. Every $10.00 you donate gets you one spot in the drawing. If you donate $50, you get five spots in the drawing for tickets.

Once again, Raf and I, and the BTB staff, really appreciate your support in this fundraiser. Below is the link to donate to the BTB training camp/blog improvement fundraiser.

Congrats on the win cowboy1966!

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