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Cowboys Draft Redux

Another draft is in the books and I saw these related comments from some experts on how they feel the Cowboys did.

Mike Mayock is one of the few draftniks that I respect. He gives a dispassionate opinion on players and their abilities and he doesn't have that annoying delivery that Mel Kiper displays.

Mayock recently said the Cowboys trade for Roy Williams was probably a good deal for the Cowboys since they wouldn't find that same quality at the 20th pick in the draft. Here is the entire article.

Another guy I respect is Mike Lombardi who is at National Football Post.

"DALLAS: Looks like a special teams and depth draft to me. If I were a pro guy in the NFL, I might want to watch the ‘Boys this summer and make sure I know all these picks before they play in the preseason. They can't keep all of them."

Now that the draft is over has anyone graded the mockers? There is a site called The Big Lead that posted and compared and graded a number of mockers to see how they fared. The best of them was only right about 1 out of 3 times. The best was Mike Mayock.

John Czarnecki is the first draft grader that I've seen who gave the Cowboys a C and acknowledged that Roy Williams was the Cowboys 1st round draft pick. He's the Czar from Fox Sports. You can see his draft grades here.

I know that we won't be able to really understand how effective this draft was until we have a few seasons to analyze the players at the NFL level. Judging from the comments I've read this was an emotional draft for many, it was for me as well. Now that some of the smoke has cleared I am beginning to view the Cowboys draft in a more favorable light. What about you?

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