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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

South Carolina linebacker, Jasper Brinkley, is coming in for a visit.

Hat tip to Johnny Cage for the Fanshot.

We all know the Cowboys have the need for a cover safety, even with the addition of Gerald Sensabaugh. Both cornerbacks the Cowboys are meeting with are considered CB/FS tweeners. Jairus Byrd, at 5'10" and 207 pounds, should be available when the Cowboys pick in the second round, and Bradley Fletcher, with his 6'0" 196-pound frame, may help fill the need later in the draft.

The DMN blog focuses on Darcel McBath.

Much more stuff after the jump.

Former Cowboy Kevin Burnett voiced his frustration about his role in Dallas.

"What other choice did I have but to leave?" Burnett said. "They brought in another linebacker and then they tried to sign me, which to me was a slap in the face. On top of that, they wanted me to sign the same kind of deal, and I wasn't willing to do that."


"They pigeonholed me into a certain role. There's no doubt about that," Burnett said. "It was frustrating, which is why I'm looking forward to this fresh start."

Tashard Choice was a big T.O. fan

"I'm going to miss him tremendously," Choice said. "That's my big brother."


"He looked out for me on and off the field, taught me how to be a pro," said Choice, a second-year player. "And he listened to me. If I thought he didn't get better in a practice, I'd say, ‘Hey, ‘T.' I didn't like how you practiced today.' Then the next practice he'd bust his tail."


"When we were losing (badly) in Philadelphia in the last game, he told me, ‘Finish strong. Do not quit on this team,'" Choice said. "He never quit. He always went all out. The media wanted to scapegoat him because he got angry. They can't do that this year. They have to find someone else to blame."

Bobby Carpenter on his chances of playing this season. 

"It's going to be tough, obviously," Carpenter said. "[Brooking is] Coach Phillips' guy, he coached him in Atlanta before, they have a prior relationship, and he's a quality player. So I'll give it my best shot and let the chips fall where they may."


"As many three wide receiver packages as you see now in the NFL, the nickel guys will probably get 35 or 40 percent of the reps, so it's definitely a role I would be excited to have."

In the aftermath of the Jay Cutler trade, Tom Colishaw discusses why it is important to keep young Pro Bowl-caliber quarterbacks in the NFL. At last, some love for Tony Romo.

Jason Witten is a charitable guy.

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