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Let's Keep in Touch - Ex-Cowboys from 2008

Did you ever wonder what happened to some of your old buddies? You know, some of those crazy guys from high school or college? Some go on and do well. Others? Uh, not so good.

This is just a quick update on some of our most recent buds that we no longer hang with; a quick look at what these gentlemen are doing now that they no longer wear the star.

Adam Jones is going to be back on TV this month on Pros vs Joes. Doesn't the Pros appearance on this show indicate that they are retired from their sport? I sure hope the scheduling doesn't conflict with Michael Irvin's new show.

Tank Johnson is looking like he might be wearing stripes! Tiger stripes! He recently had an interview with the Bengals and there is apparently some degree of mutual interest.  Former Cowboys and now Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has been doing his due diligence on Tank Johnson and apparently he and head coach Marvin Lewis think Tank can contribute to the Bengals defense. During Hard Knocks, Tank looked like he was going to have a breakout year. He was saying that his workouts and attitude made him a ‘Beast'. Yeh, a tiger I guess.

Speaking of the Bengals, Roy Lee Williams, the former Dallas Cowboy safety, had an interview and workout with them on March 19. Since then he has been flying under the radar with barely any mention of him in the news. He has had no contract offer announcements.  His agent stated that there were several teams interested in his services but I have heard nothing since the Bengals meeting. This was a drastic fall from grace. From first-round to nowhere-around.

Terrell Owens is of course the Buffalo Bills newest star. Owens has opted not to participate in the voluntary team workouts. You can still purchase an autographed T.O. Buffalo Bills replica jersey for $229.00 at T.O's web site.

Kevin Burnett signed with the Chargers, Chris Canty with the Giants, Anthony Henry was trade-bait for Jon Kitna and Joe Berger signed with the South Beach Cowboys.

Zach Thomas, Keith Davis, Carlos Polk, and Brooks Bollinger are still on the free agent market. Is it possible that we could end up seeing any of these gentleman back in a Cowboys uniform if none get the kind of offer they are hoping for?

Leave it to Beaver. Bruce Read, the former special teams coach, is a Beaver. He was officially hired as the special teams coordinator for the Oregon State Beavers football team having been there twice before. Once a Beaver always a Beaver.

Brian Stewart is still looking for a position. I haven't seen anything on him in the news since he interviewed with the Rams as a secondary coach.  Steve Spagnuolo hired Clayton Lopez for that spot. I didn't admire Stewart as a defensive coordinator - I felt he was way out of his league. I did admire him for the gracious and professional way he handled his dismissal. He was a gentleman all the way.

OK, that's it for some of the old gang. I wish them all well.

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