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The Valley Ranch Review: Aikman Questions the Cowboys’ Trade for Roy Williams

At a corporate sponsorship event at The Ranch on Tuesday, H.O.F. quarterback, Troy Aikman, answered questions about the importance of team chemistry in Big D, the needed focus on winning, and the pressure put on Tony Romo. His harshest remarks revolved around wide receiver Roy Williams.

"I think this would be - if Roy Williams doesn't turn out to be the player they thought he would be when they made the trade, I think this would be one of the biggest busts in the history of the league."

Ouch! In the history of the league?

What do you say to that, Roy?

"I have done this job before," Williams said Tuesday evening. "I have been the No. 1 guy everywhere I have been - at Odessa Permian, at Texas and in Detroit so I don't know what the difference is."

More from Troy:

"I don't know (if he can be the No. 1), he struggled last year, I don't think that is a surprise to anybody," Aikman said. "I think that's going to be the real key to this season, is whether or not Roy Williams can absorb some of the production lost that will be felt by Terrell Owens not being on the team."

Fire back, Roy!

"We were doing it before (T.O.) got cut," Williams said. "I came in the middle of the season. I probably got thrown to 24 times the whole season. I had to get (Romo's) confidence. We had to get on the same page. So we had to start early. Everything is going good. We are trying to get that connection."

Tank Johnson aims to fit back into a 4-3. He signed with the Bengals.

Man, Eminem-I really dig some of your songs; but, now you're portraying my quarterback? The Alf shirt sure rocks, though!

Hat tip to tdships for his Fanshot.

ESPN's Len Pasquarelli discusses the future of restricted free agency. He blames the use of second-round tenders as the primary factor minimalizing restricted player movement. Isn't that why they call them restricted free agents? Here's what he said about the Cowboys' RFAs:

"Dallas has four restricted free agents, and all of them originally entered the NFL as undrafted players. But the Cowboys used a second-round tender for all four, and none of them -- wide receivers Miles Austin and Sam Hurd, defensive end Stephen Bowen and guard Cory Procter -- has received an offer so far."

With the Jets going after Miles Austin, Pasquarelli may have spoken too soon.

On ESPN Radio Dallas, Patrick Crayton defended himself against columnist Randy Galloway.

Marty B's blog is getting some much deserved love.

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