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Cowboys Miles Austin - Shark Bait for the Jets?

Assume the Jets offer Miles Austin more money than the Cowboys want to match. What would history tell us the Cowboys might expect from a second round draft pick wide receiver? I went back as far as the 2005 draft and looked at all wide receivers drafted in the second round up to and including the 2008 draft.

The 2008 draft is an anomaly in regards to the number of wide receivers selected. You also see more than one of these second round picks who had an immediate impact for their team.

I included the 2005 draft because we've all heard the adage that a wide receiver takes three years to develop and come into their own. I wanted to see who among this group we would be willing to trade for Miles Austin.

2008 NFL Draft




33 Donnie Avery Rams
34 Devin Thomas Redskins
36 Jordy Nelson Packers
41 James Hardy Bills
42 Eddie Royal Broncos
46 Jerome Simpson Bengals
49 DeSean Jackson Eagles
51 Malcolm Kelly Redskins
53 Limas Sweed Steelers
58 Dexter Jackson Bucs

2007 NFL Draft
Pick Player Team
44 Sidney Rice Vikings
45 Dwayne Jarrett Panthers
51 Steve Smith Giants

2006 NFL Draft
Pick Player Team
36 Chad Jackson Pats
44 Sinorice Moss Giants
52 Greg Jennings Packers

2005 NFL Draft
Pick Player Tean
35 Reggie Brown Eagles
39 Mark Bradley Bears
55 Roscoe Parrish Bills
58 Terrence Murphy Packers
61 Vincent Jackson Chargers

I don't think the Cowboys will let Austin go to the Jets. I remember screaming at the TV in past seasons when a ball would hit him in the hands and he would drop it. However, this past season it looked like a light clicked on in his head. He gained confidence. He does seem a little delicate but does have speed and he has discovered what his hands are for. I also saw him using his body to gain position and screen defenders. I think this is also what the Jets coaches see and they are weighing that against what they could pick up in the draft.

Who would you trade Austin for - from the 2005 draft?

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