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The Valley Ranch Review: Felix Jones' Busy Weekend

Felix Jones is getting a lot of ink this weekend. His birthday was Friday; he ran a kid's football camp and a fundraiser for charity on Saturday, all in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  El Gato also did a couple of Q&A's with local papers. On his rehab from injury:

It's going great. I've been rehabbing for the past three months, and I'm feeling a lot better than what I did. It gets better and better every day.

And Felix is showing unusual smarts for a young player in answering a loaded question.

Troy Aikman says Terrell Owens' departure is a positive for Dallas. What does Felix Jones say about it?

I loved Terrell. He was my teammate. But I think my football camp here is a better subject to talk about.

Ha! That'll show ‘em. He's as slippery off the field as he is on it.

Speaking of Cowboys running backs; the first, and sometimes forgotten guy in a run of great backs in Dallas, Don Perkins gets some love in a long article at the Star-T. 

Now we got draft pick Jason Williams jumping out of a pool. Sorry, no video captured the moment. Is this a good trend? As soon as someone busts up a knee doing this, I think the "pool-jump" phenomenon will die.

Draft pick David Buehler is the subject of an interview over at the Ranch Report. He said he was talking to other teams (Chiefs, Bengals) before the draft about being their regular kicker. But the Cowboys were talking to him too, and had some other ideas.

"So coming in here, it's a different circumstance, and they're probably going to have me play a little special teams, so I'll have to get back into that football mindset, and also be able to kick. They're talking about punt team, maybe as a personal protector (on punts) and doing some coverage. I would love to be a gunner - I was a gunner in junior college. Most kickers, I don't think they want to hit anybody. It's definitely a different mindset, going from playing into kicking, but I still have a little football mentality left in me, so it'll be ready to come out and show on the field. I'm a little surprised they're putting me on (other) special teams, just because I haven't been a ‘player' for two years. Me and Coach D (special teams coach Joe DeCamillas) already talked about it a little bit, about me playing some special teams, so I'm just trying to help the Cowboys out any way I can."

Happy Mother's Day to all moms.


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