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Who Would Win - Godzilla vs. the Ranch Hands?

If you have kids you have heard the inevitable, unanswerable questions. Who would win a fight between Wolverine and Batman and Robin? Could Godzilla's flame breath burn up all other monsters? These are the questions that try men's souls.

I was thinking about how the Cowboys have been retooling themselves with fewer flashy stars and more solid role players. It made me think of one of those unanswerable but thought-provoking questions - Would you rather have a team loaded with stars and all the baggage that comes with those egos, or would you rather have a team with less talent, but competent  team players?

Lat year, in the preseason, we were picked to go to the Super Bowl. We were a strong team in 2007 and got stronger in the following draft with two first round picks, plus a group of solid players throughout the draft. We picked up some big-name stars in the offseason (Zach and Pac). They joined a team full of big-name stars. 13 Pro Bowlers. We were touted by many to be the ‘most talented' team in the NFL. In 2008, we were Godzilla. We would stomp the NFL beneath our feet. At least that was the plan.

Along with all that talent also came the baggage - big egos, self-promoters, media magnets who thought like stars, but struggled with the team team concept. When injuries sapped the team of some of its stars, some backups shined, others weren't always ready for their close-up. Special teams, the land where the un-star is supposed to shine, were terrible. The Cowboys seemed like a collection of players who had the following philosophy - "I'm a superstar, when I do well, the team does well. Therefore, it's imperative that I do well."

The team we put on the field this year should have a significantly different personality. The draft was less about "name" players and more about filling supporting roles. Guys who will get in there and do the dirty work on special teams. Do we have less talent? Probably. Will we have a team that is greater than the sum of its parts? The answer could be yes. The object for the 2009 team is to become a group of solid ranch hands who each do their own job, thereby making the whole ranch run efficiently. Hopefully this team has the following philosophy - "If the team wins, I win. Therefore, winning is imperative."

So who would win - Godzilla vs. The Ranch Hands? Will the 2009 team be better than 2008?

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