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Cowboys Rookie Camp Photos

You guys might have noticed that lately we've been posting a few more photos. That's because SB Nation has struck a deal with the AP for some of their photos to use on our blogs. The deal was signed a couple of months ago, but since nothing newsworthy was happening out at the Ranch, at least nothing that photographers would show up for, we didn't really have any pictures to use. But now that things are starting to happen, we'll occasionally get bursts of new photos. Like a rookie mini-camp.

So we'll be using the photos when we have them. Like today, the photos of the rookie camp came up for us almost immediately and one was used one in the previous post. The thing we haven't made clear is that you can browse other photos linked to the same event. So go to the pic in the VRR below and click on it. You'll be taken to a gallery of photos. Or click on the one in this post, it takes you to the same gallery.

Now, admittedly, the photographer assigned to Dallas for this event could have taken some better, action shots - but we take what we get. Anyway, the point is we'll be using more photos and just because we only put one up on a post, doesn't mean there aren't more waiting a click away.

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