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Dallas Cowboys indoor facility collapses during storm (UPDATED w/ video link)

[UPDATE]: Latest from the AP, 12 injured needing hospitalization:

Ten of the injured were taken by emergency vehicles. Two others went to hospitals on their own.

"This worked out very, very well from a medical point of view," said Dr. Paul Pepe, head of emergency medical services for Dallas County. "Right now, I think we don't have anybody who is in a life-threatening situation."


[Nick] Eatman was hit by something and went down a few feet away, then heard someone screaming for help. He recognized it was Todd Archer of The Dallas Morning News.

Eatman and colleague Josh Ellis tried freeing Archer but the structure wouldn't budge. "It was like a car," Eatman said. Then safety DeAngelo Smith and linebacker Brandon Williams were able to get it up just enough for Archer to squirm out.

Archer was OK afterward.

[UPDATE]: Five minute video of it happening and the aftermath.

[UPDATE]: The latest from the DMN blog:

A 33-year-old man was impaled by an object and was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas in critical condition.

Two people were in serious condition at Parkland, one with a head injury and another who suffered neck and back injuries. Another person was in serious condition at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas with an open leg fracture. The others suffered injuries that were not life threatening.

[UPDATE]: What I can gather from various sources.

  - Joe Decamillis taken to the hospital in a neck-brace after suffering a neck injury.
  - Brett Maxie has a laceration on his leg.
  - Scout Chris Hall has multiple arm injuries after being trapped underneath part of the structure.
  - A couple of players have minor injuries. Wade Phillips let us know that before he left to go to the hospital to see the condition of the injured.

[UPDATE]: From the DMN blog:

Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis was taken from Cowboys headquarters on a stretcher with a neck brace.

[UPDATE]: Story from the Star-Telegram with good details and pics.

This is very scary. From Tim MacMahon at the DMN blog

The afternoon practice ended in horrifying fashion when the Cowboys' indoor facility collapsed.

While a violent thunderstorm pounded rain down on the roof, the lights started shaking back and forth. Then chaos broke out, as the facility collapsed and players, coaches, reporters and team personnel scrambled for safety.

Several people were trapped under the wreckage. Police and emergency personnel have arrived on the scene.

More to come.

UPDATE: According to a Cowboys spokesman, at least four members of the team's support staff are being taken to the hospital. All players and coaches are believed to be safe. Rescue personnel is still searching through the debris.

Let's hope that everybody is fine. I will update when I find more news.

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