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Cowboys to the Playoffs - A Three Point Plan

I have the solution. 

Here is what the Cowboys need to do to move from the Toilet Bowl to the Super Bowl. Follow my direction and I guarantee that 2009 will be a playoff season for the Cowboys. Take a look at the following stats from last year.

NFL teams with most fumbles  (lost)
1. San Francisco - 36 (16)
2. Buffalo - 33 (15)
3. Detroit - 31 (10)
4. Minnesota - 31 (14)
5. Dallas - 29 (13)

NFL Teams with most Penalty Yards
1. Green Bay - 984
2. Dallas - 952
3. Tennessee - 855
4. Oakland - 823
5. NY Giants - 821

NFL Teams with Worst Turnover ratio
1. San Francisco - (-17)
2. Denver - (-17)
3. Dallas - (-11)
4. Houston - (-10)
5. Detroit - (-9)

Make the jump for the three point plan.

When you look at the above stats you wonder, "How did we manage to win nine games?"  My three point plan may be easier said than done, but it's pretty simple.

Point 1 - Don't put the ball on the ground. The Panthers were best in the league with 12 fumbles and Indy is right there at 13. It can be done. That's pretty basic Pee Wee football stuff - protect the ball.

Point 2 - Use your head, but just not to spear a runner. Every penalty is a potential Cowboy drive killed or an opponent's drive kept alive. The Cowboys averaged 344 yards per game in 2008. They were penalized almost three games worth of production. Think about that. Almost three games of offensive production in yards lost.

Point 3 - Give the other team the ball when you should have it, and you increase your chances of losing. You don't have to be in the plus column on turnovers but don't be one of the league's worst, either.

That's my three point plan to make the 2009 season better than last year.

Jerry? Wade? Are you listening?

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