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The Valley Ranch Review: Another take on Roy Williams vs. Terrell Owens

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A writer over at is taking on the issue of Roy Williams replacing Terrell Owens. His argument is that if Roy Williams gives the Cowboys steady contribution and Dallas returns to the playoff mix, then that will be a good thing for the NFL. Why? Because it will be a validation of Jerry Jones' "get rid of malcontents" policy and that maybe other NFL teams would start following it. I consider this argument a pleasant fiction; I'd be elated if Roy was able to do that, but players with talent will always find employment and will always have teams willing to take a chance. So even if it happened for Dallas this year, it wouldn't affect other NFL franchises. Here's his argument.

If [Roy] Williams can be a steadier receiving threat, it'll open up opportunities in the running game and for the rest of the club's receivers. And the Cowboys could find a better balance offensively, putting a messy 9-7 season behind them for good.

That would reinforce a positive message to all of the owners in the NFL, who appear to be gradually realizing that problem players aren't worth the collateral damage they cause to a football team that has championship aspirations.


If the Cowboys rebound back into the mix for the NFC title this year, the decision to part ways with problem players could serve as a great example to the entire NFL. As Jones has witnessed first-hand, even highly talented players with baggage do little more than weigh your team down.

The investigation of the indoor facility collapse takes a strange turn

Rookie free agent Asaph Schwapp was arrested on weapons charges and then he was released...from jail that is, not the Cowboys. 

The Cowboys held cheerleader tryouts yesterday. 700 women showed up to audition...and yes...there is video!

Some dudes wrote a book creating NCAA March Madness brackets for different kinds of competitions. For instance, in a 32-person field of greatest Olympians, Jesse Owens edges Michael Phelps in the finals. They also wrote one for NFL logos.

In the NFL team logos tournament, the Green Bay Packers' "G" makes it to the elite eight but runs into the formidable Dallas Cowboys' star and is eliminated in a heartbreaker.

Packers fans may be gratified to learn the Cowboys' star loses out in the championship to the unapologetically retro Cleveland Browns helmet.

What! Call the police, we got robbed!

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