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Valley Ranch Review: Greg Ellis unwelcome at remaining OTAs?

It looks pretty serious on the Greg Ellis front. The SAE-N reports that Ellis won't be attending any of the upcoming OTAs.

Citing anonymous sources, several media outlets reported last week that the team told [Greg] Ellis, 33, he wouldn't be allowed to participate in the remainder of the OTAs. According to those reports, the Cowboys are going to either trade or release Ellis, an 11-year veteran.

For the record, here's the rest of the offseason schedule. Two more weeks of OTAs, three sessions each week. Mandatory mini-camp June 15-17.

The Cowboys got rid of one WR who couldn't stay out of the news, now his replacement can't either. Through no fault of his own, WR Roy Williams is the subject of numerous speculative articles recently. One subject that always comes up is his chemistry with Tony Romo. According to the DMN, they've been working on that.

There has been an emphasis this off-season to form a connection between the two. [Tony] Romo has thrown to [Roy] Williams 20 to 30 minutes a day for an average of four days a week since March 2. Romo praised Williams for his hard work and route running after the team's first OTA last week.

How about the other Roy Williams, the one that used to be a Cowboy? Here's what the Bengals safeties coach says about RW1.

"He's done a great job with low body position, great knee bend, coming out of his breaks and he's really taking to the system," Cioffi said. "He's shown the ability to cover receivers and tight ends in this camp."

"From Day One when he arrived here he's shown he has the ability to cover," Cioffi said. "It's never been an issue with us like it has been with others. In the one-on-one drills he's covering tight ends and receivers."

Insert your own joke here.

The Star-T has an interesting piece on Dallas drafts from long ago when the ‘Boys used to take some chances on unusual prospects.

Whenever a franchise becomes ultra-popular in their sport and accumulates untold numbers of fans, they become hated - and they're compared to the Dallas Cowboys. Even in the other ‘football' it happens. 

I know it has been customary these days to compare Manchester United with the Yankees (a team I loathe) of American baseball or the N.F.L.'s Dallas Cowboys (see Yankees), but I latched onto Manchester United nearly 40 years ago.


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