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Vegas Says 9.5 Wins For Cowboys

The Venetian has released it's annual NFL win total over/unders for 2009. I am not a fan of gambling, and that is not the purpose of this post. Whether you gamble or not, you have to respect Las Vegas' reputation for being near the mark on sports predictions. In the past, Las Vegas odds have been a pretty accurate barometer for NFL win totals.

This year, the Venetian views the 2009 NFC East like this:

  • New York Giants - 10.5 wins
  • Dallas Cowboys - 9.5 wins
  • Philadelphia Eagles - 9 wins
  • Washington Redskins - 8 wins
  • Complete list here

In my opinion, the oddsmakers hit the Cowboys' win total dead on the head. The schedule is tough, but December will be a bit less difficult than it was last season. The Cowboys lose Terrell Owens, but should get enough production from guys like Martellus Bennett, Felix Jones, and Miles Austin to offset Owens' loss. With Wade Phillips in full control of the defense right out of the gate, the Cowboys should be a bit more steady on that side of the ball.

A lot of the analysts are saying that Dallas may have a better team in 2009, but not necessarily a better record. What do you think of the oddsmakers' prediction for the 2009 Cowboys?

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